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behind every great shot is an even greater woman. we would be nothing without the women behind the lens. these women capture the beauty in every. single. day.

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Merritt Ellaine Huey is a Nashville based photographer from Birmingham, Alabama. She is 20 years old and studying at Belmont University, but honestly just doing her thing here in Nash. You can usually find her bopping around the city with a camera in her hand taking pictures or filming a YouTube video. Her friends say that she's the weirdest person they know, but she thinks that gives others the ability to be themselves around her—Her hope for her clients is to make them laugh but more importantly make them feel comfortable and proud to be themselves!!

Contact: / @merrittellaine / @merritt.jpg /

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Juliet Rosalie is a fashion and portrait photographer based in Nashville, Tennessee with her daughter, Eisley. She was born in Miami, Florida where she discovered her love for photography at the age of thirteen. Juliet has worked with record labels and publications such as Relevant Magazine, Fearless Records, Inked Magazine, DISfunkshion Magazine and has been interviewed by USA Today. She is inspired by romantic imagery, poetic words and colors as well as the stories and talents of the people she photographs. 

Contact: / @juliet.rosalie /

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Rachel is a full-time freelancer based out of Nashville, TN. Being your own boss at 23 years old is probably the hardest thing she has ever done, but it is worth it when she gets to do what she loves everyday. She is a photographer, videographer, graphic designer and artist. She doesn't always have the opportunity for free time, but when she does, she loves to travel and experience the way others live!

Contact: / @rkdeeb /

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Rachel created a videography company in 2016 and over time the company grew into a creative. Rachel has a degree in entrepreneurship and design, but is self taught with photo and video work.  She is a 26 year old east Nashville girl with a golden doodle pup. She hires  new media talent and assign jobs depending on the preferences of the client. Rachel's team focuses on catching the "real moments" throughout shoots by documenting each hug, tear, and laugh. She works with bands, brides, and babes! 

Contact: / @alongwithyoucreative /



Leah (Le) Harrington is a digital marketing professional by day and a photographer, well at all other times of the day. She is a native Tennessean #rare and has been in Nashville around 3 years. Her motto is "collector of beautiful moments" and her passion lies in capturing those moments through travel, people and relationships. When she is not behind the lens, you’ll find her be-bopping around town with her golden doodle sidekick, Miles. "Let’s create something together, y’all!" / 

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Julia is twenty four year old photographer - she grew up in Memphis, but went to UT Knoxville and has been in Nashville for three years. Technically a living, breathing, tri-star, right?

Julia's day job is a media planner and buyer at a Marketing | Communications | Advertising agency. She has been a photographer professionally since she was sixteen. She shot weddings and then started transitioning into portrait, lifestyle, and boudoir photography in college. 

The last year has been extraordinarily enlightening to Julia: she went through a brutally honest journey with my physical and mental health after a horrific break up. At this stage in her journey, she has started to believe that her calling is to make women feel beautiful and confident - but mostly reassured that their worth is not measured by their physical appearance. This can contradict the fact that she literally photographs people for a living - she understands the irony - but believes that it is such a special thing because the story that a photograph creates. When she photographs a boudoir session, these pictures are truly meaningful when you know the woman in the picture. "She's more than just a body, or a pretty face, or Pinterest hair, or a fly as hell outfit. It's so much fun to watch a woman exhale a breath of relief and be able to work that confident expression in a bomb ass selfie that took real guts to post - while still gaining that reassurance that inside she is worthy of respect, with or without the picture."



For over seven years Hannah has been designing and directing fashion photoshoots, managing personal photo business, and volunteering to work with amateur models who desired to create high fashion portfolios. While she has learned so much from those who have gone before her, she feels that she has been given an opportunity and a talent that goes beyond just a camera and a computer. Being able to imagine an image in her mind, plan the shoot, design the costumes and apparel, and then to finally see it come to life, is her passion. She thoroughly enjoys planning and organizing creative projects, and working with other artists and designers to make it come to life. She believes she is, without a doubt, destined to work within the fashion industry for the remainder of her lifetime; with her first step being to move forward in the completion of creating and running a small business dedicated to this niche.

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