What are you all about? Have you heard the quote "Let's root for each other and watch each other grow" before? That's the basis of The Gal Network. Being a gal in a big city is hard, and we're here to make it a little easier by offering a supportive community of like-minded women to work together, grow together, and have a little fun.

So how do we get involved? we have events every month, and if you don’t see one on the calendar, we’d love to design one with you in mind. we have a member’s facebook page that promotes closer relationships, a job board to connect women professionally, and more.

How did The Gal Network begin? Our founder, Amelia Weiss, moved to Nashville without knowing anyone. Amelia had always felt that their was a strong power in connection, and saw a need for a network like this one in the Nashville area. The Network was humbly born in Frothy Monkey on 12South, and grew with the help of the incredible boss babe community's support. 

Who can be part of the Network? ANYONE. We have gals of all walks of life participate in our events and we welcome all with open arms. 

Do you have other chapters? we do! right now, we have active chapters in australia and across the states. shoot us an e-mail for more details.

How do I join The Gal Network?
you can join in so many ways. we recommend you attend an event or connect with us to let us know how we can serve you. if you’re looking for a closer knit community, we suggest you go with a membership. if you’re a business or brand, we suggest you fill out our partner form so we can create an event or promotion for you.

How can I help? We're glad you asked, there are a lot of ways! First of all, attending our events and spreading the word about the Network to gals who need it. Our first priority is you. We have tons of events and always are in need of sponsors, vendors, and venues! If you're interested in advertising with us or a partnership with us, you can e-mail us here. We are a non-funded community and appreciate help from our peers in every way. 


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