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You need it? These ladies have it. These are our top of the line Nash Gal sellers, merchants, store owners, and more. They've got everything you need. 

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Janine moved to Nashville about a year ago to take a sales position with Mars/Wrigley Confectionery. Yes, the M&M company! She sells space to put candy in large department stores and builds incredible displays in stores during holidays like Halloween, Christmas and Easter. She's on her feet all day at work, and doesn't get off of them on the weekends. She is passionate about being outside - whether it’s hiking, running, kayaking, or just exploring Nashville (particularly the breweries!) 

Contact Janine: / @j.wasek

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Sisters Danielle and Cassondra "Casey" Deak grew up in Warwick, New York on a small, family farm. Their father's family moved to the United States from Europe  in 1957 and believed in sustainable farming. As adults they lived in New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC and traveled throughout North America, South America, Europe and Africa before settling and opening a business in Nashville, TN. Their experiences have allowed Danielle and Casey to gain an appreciation for both local and exotic, high quality food. No matter where they found themselves, the sisters have always especially enjoyed a well balanced, creative cheese plate. Cheese plates bring people together, ignite conversation, and awaken the taste buds. The sisters have always dreamed of working together and sharing their passion for cheese.

Danielle and Casey opened Follow me Cheese in the Shoppes at Fatherland in East Nashville in the summer of 2017. Follow me Cheese carries an assortment of approximately 20 hand-picked cut to order, domestic cheeses, including Tennessee and southeast regional cheeses in their small shop. You will also find a few international favorites. There are also prepackaged cheeses, meats, accoutrements, and gifts. Everything you need to make the perfect cheese plate is available at Follow me Cheese. The cozy size of the shop dictates that it only carries the things that the sisters themselves love. Locally sourcing whenever possible and having predominantly made in the USA products is Follow me Cheese's mission.

Cheese counters can be overwhelming. Follow me Cheese makes choosing quality cheese simple by offering pairing suggestions and samples. Follow me Cheese also offers in shop cheese tastings, private tasting events, custom cakes made from cheese, curated cheese plates for parties and events, cheese of the month club for pick up, gifts, merchandise and gift packs available in store and online.  

Contact: / @followmecheese /

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Like many busy men and women, not long ago Karen Kops and Sherri Coates found themselves with very little time for self-care after work, family, friends and life in general. Their executive careers came with extensive travel which left them both feeling out of balance. Taking care of their health, much less pampering, did not fit in their packed schedules. Hailing from California, it was second nature to Sherri to eat organic foods, be outside as much as possible, practice yoga and use natural products. But when friends and family were diagnosed with cancer, she began to dig deeper, researching the make up of body and home products in the hopes of finding out more about their effect on our health.

Like many new moms, Karen’s interest in green products began after having a child. With a desire to create as healthy an environment as possible for her newborn son, she began switching out her traditional personal care items for natural alternatives. Passionate about products, Karen was always on the search for the best and brightest but was often disappointed when reading the ingredient list on the back of the bottle.

Fortunately, like minds met and soon the two women realized they could turn their passions into a business. Poppy & Monroe is a one-of-a-kind space that embodies Karen's and Sherri's love of color, nature, design, fashion, health and beauty–all elements of their life experiences.

Contact: / @poppyandmonroe

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Alexis recently moved to Nashville after graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in Management Information Systems. With a love of style, customer relations, digital marketing, and website development, she decided to ditch the corporate route and pursue her creative interests here in Nashville. She officially started my own business, Cosmic Charlie’s, in 2017 where she curates necklaces and reincarnated thrift pieces based around individualism and positivity. Besides building and constantly improving her own website, she loves working with others to build websites that take their business to the next level and accentuate the unique aspects of their business. All of her current pursuits are helping her achieve her end goal of eventually being a shop owner here in Nashville with my Golden Retriever, Hampton.

Contact: / / @alexiscason / @cosmiccharlies_