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To share our lives. To help out our favorite brands. To explain our passions. To work together. These are our bloggerS AND THEY'RE HERE TO BRING THEIR WORLD AND NASHVILLE TO YOU.

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Founder of The Nash Gals, Amelia works as a public relations contractor. She specializes in travel, fashion, and lifestyle blogging - but specifically has a passion for all things travel. Amelia is 23 years old and recently relocated to Nashville from Tampa, Florida. In her free time she loves writing for multiple websites including her own, Screw A Guide, specializing in social media for Nashville Guru, spending time exploring restaurants, hitting the town with her friends, and reading. 

Contact: / @ameliaweisss / Screw A Guide

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Corrine grew up in Palm Beach, Florida with a passion for fashion. That passion took her to New York, L.A., and landed her in Nashville working with AMAX Agency. When she isn't working on her blog, C Society, Corrine is spending time with her sweet bulldog, Shakespeare, styling outfits and working with both local and national brands for her blog, and happy houring with her friends. 

Contact: / @corrinekoch / C Society

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Hunter Premo is 24-year-old fashion, lifestyle + travel blogger born and raised in Nashville, TN. Hunter initially created her blog as a way to share her proposal story with her family and friends. It has evolved into a multi-faceted resource for young women, chronicling her fashion and everyday life with her husband and two pups. Her husband and high school sweetheart, Cameron, is always behind the lens. Together they love to travel the world, explore new places and inspire other to lead an adventurous life. 

Contact: / / @hunterpremo

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Ashley is a Nashville based fashion and lifestyle blogger! On days she's not spending her time being an outfit mixologist, she's a full-time Executive Assistant and a mom to a Golden Retriever. You can usually find her with wine in one hand and lipgloss in the other!

Contact: /  @purposeandpassionblog /  Purpose and Passion

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Lauren is a singer-songwriter, actor, and model who recently relocated to Nashville, TN from Boston, MA. She majored in Musical Theatre in college at The Boston Conservatory, but her passion for food, coffee, fashion, and travel lead her to start her blog, "The Velveteen Habit". Besides songwriting, blog-writing is her current favorite creative outlet. She loves Sriracha, pretty drinks, and aesthetically pleasing atmospheres, and she would love to meet you! 

Contact: /  @lauren_paley /  Velveteen Habit

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As much as she wishes she was introducing herself over a cup of coffee, this will have to do for now!  Jordan Mather was raised in TX, and recently transported to TN! Married to a pastor man, and loves her crazy busy life of ministry. She is obsessed with inspiring women through faith, fitness and fashion-- and eating chipotle as much as possible of course! She would love for y'all to follow along her journey!!

Contact: / @jordanbmather /  Jordan B Mather

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On Bailey's site, Trulybaileyp, she shares her personal style, beauty tips, hair tricks, periodic home decor, date nights with her plus one, and everything in between. She hopes that you enjoy her community of strong, inspirational, amazing young women and become inspired yourself!

Contact: /  @trulybaileyp / Truly, Bailey P

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Abbey and her husband moved to Nashville 10 years ago with big dreams! They moved here for their duo, and also opened a shop! They have a blast traveling with their YouTube show, and love every minute of all the craziness! Abbey loves spreading joy and making a difference , and want everyone to know that "You are perfect just the way you are! We can all create our own perfect little life!"


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Hannah was born and raised in a small Chicago suburb called Saint Charles. But now she is on life's next wonderful adventure here in Nashville. She is a website designer at a digital marketing company in East Nashville called Flypaper and she blogs on the side! She has a lifestyle blog that focuses on a happy, healthy and adventure filled lifestyle. Her posts provide some tips/advice to help you along the way.

Contact: / @hannahdtrick / Hannah DTrick

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Lauren Hamilton is the founder of, a marriage + lifestyle blog. She blogs about marriage and intimacy advice, confidence boosting tips and home-life hacks. Basically, it’s 100% girltalk, and she shares how to keep marriage and life fun. She's also a freelance writer and communications strategist. When she’s not working, you can find her at happy hour, sipping coffee or snuggling her hubby and two adorable pups.

Contact: / @modwifedotco /  Modwife.Co

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Born and raised in the sunshine state, Taylor Blanton now lives it up in Nashville as a fashion blogger by night, and insurance agent by day. Her fashion blog, Taylor Made Style, incorporates thrifted and vintage fashion with trendy pieces to create the ultimate outfits! When she's not working or blogging, she enjoys vegan eats, exploring the Music City, date nights with her fiance, a good thrift store, and travelling whenever she can! 

Contact: / @taylor_made_styles /

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Faryn Van Dyke is the founder of fashion and lifestyle blog, Really, It's Fine. She grew up in Southern California but in July of 2015 decided she needed change and re-located to Nashville, TN. She then started her blog in April of 2017 and can't believe the success it's had! 

Contact: @really_its_fine /

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Senni Alina and Olivia Rose are the founders of the style blog Alina&Rose. With both being from the Northeast, they took a huge step moving to Nashville in 2013 to attend Belmont University. It didn’t take them long to bond over a shared love for fashion and styling. In March of 2016 with big hopes and dreams Alina&Rose was born. They created a platform that not only showcases their closets but more importantly inspires their readers to embrace their personal style. They believe that you can rock any outfit as long as you wear it with confidence and a genuine smile -a pair of kickass shoes doesn’t hurt too-! The Nashville community encourages Senni & Olivia to fearlessly chase their dream, as two entrepreneurial women establishing their brand.

Contact: / @alinaandrose / Alina + Rose

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Alexa Anglin is the founder of Crossed and Dotted, a lifestyle blog to help keep your life in order. When she's not blogging about fashion, recipes, home decor, beauty, or travel, she is exploring Nashville's hotspots along with her hubs and sweet pup Luna. Alexa was born and raised in Nashville, so she has loved watching this city expand and grow into such a fun destination city. 

Contact: / @alexa.anglin / Crossed and Dotted Blog

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Founded in 2017 by two recent Nashville transplants, Hayley Kilgo and Emily Cissel wanted to share their adventures with other newcomers. Nashventures is a travel and lifestyle Instagram account that is focused on showcasing all things local in Nashville. With delicious eateries, shops and boutiques that are one of a kind, and music every which way you turn, there's a reason why Nashville is the premier destination in the south. We wanted Nashventures to be community-based where Nashville natives and tourists could both support small business and use it as a tool for their go-to travel guide. 

Contact: / @nashventures

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Iris is a small town girl from New England who is now becoming a professional mental health counselor at Vanderbilt University and enjoying everything Nashville has to offer! She is the sole content creator and editor of her life and style blog, and loves sharing a bigger message about creativity, boldness and self love. When she’s not book-worming it in a coffee shop or working on her blog you can find her spending time with her boyfriend and puppy, working out, or brunching with her girlfriends.

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Caroline runs the style blog Polished Or Not. She’s moved to Nashville after completing a masters degree in Library Science and began the blog as a creative side project. Yes, she is a trained Librarian! Following a passion for fashion photography Caroline loves elevating affordable fashion through her photos. She would love to tell you more about it over coffee or happy hour!


Contact: Polished or Not

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Blythe Cate is a teacher and blogger who was born and raised in Nashville, TN. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English: Creative Writing from Hendrix College and Master of Education in K-6 Instructional Practice from Lipscomb University. She will be working as a first grade homeroom teacher at Episcopal School of Nashville this fall. Blythe also blogs about her hometown, lifestyle, travel, and more on her site, The Honey Print. In her free time, you can find Blythe cheering on the Predators at a hockey game, absorbed in a good book with a cup of tea in hand, or walking in one of Nashville's many parks.

Contact: / /


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