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Hi, all! A question we get a lot is about how the Network started and what it’s going to become. I’m Amelia, the founder of the Nash Gals Network and the Gal Network. I’ll get pretty honest with you here + this will be one of our longer blog posts so sit back!

In 2018, I graduated from FSU and moved to Winter Park. There, I was working in non-profit PR and restaurant PR. I was learning about social media management, but I’ve always been creative and able to design websites, graphics etc. I had a pretty good toolkit without meaning to! In Orlando, I was really unhappy with the situation I was in. Work was great but not exactly what I wanted to do (I didn’t really have a full idea or scope of where I wanted to end up), but I knew it wasn’t that! I started looking in Nashville + Austin for jobs and comparing price of living, weather, other important things to me. I ended up falling in love with Nashville - every box was checked and I decided to move in January.

That meant leaving my family and completely leaving everything familiar. At the time, I knew one person in Nashville and I was fine with that - I was excited to move and make new friends! But, as I’m sure you all know, it’s a lot harder than it seemed it was going to be. I was really lucky to meet a group of blogger girls right when I moved and I hopped onto BumbleBFF and met some really cool girls (I really suggest this - in Orlando, a friend of mine matched with 14+ girls and set up a big brunch for everyone to meet. This is just a fun resource). But, I’ve always had an issue where I need like-minded friends to meet one another. I’m a connector at heart and always have been! After seeing similar networks in other cities, and researching what Nashville needed out of a community group combined with the advice from some incredible friends + people in our community, I sat down in Frothy Monkey and Nash Gals came to life.

We started with a small group of women who I personally invited out on Instagram. Our first happy hour was at 5th and Taylor. At first, I did a lot of outreach and I still do, but now the community has taken Nash Gals under their wing and really embraced us + offer their spaces and love. I’m incredibly thankful for that.

My intentions for 2019 have changed a bit than just connecting and empowering women. Now that we have a solid community base and are functioning well, I wanted to have events and programs with intentional ideas to help those in need, whether that be in need of friends, resources, etc. around the city. Our events in January center around following through with intentions and bettering yourself along the way. Our events in February focus around surrounding yourself and your gals with love.

Nash Gals has created meaningful relationships for the attendees and for the community and that’s something that I’m grateful for. Another way I’m moving forward and using the Network with intention is by creating our outreach group, Gals Growing Gals. Launching in the Spring, GGG will utilize our network and our resources to the female homeless population. We are thrilled to launch this program and appreciative of everyone wanting to help with what they have - more details to come.

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Thank you to everyone who has supported us, attended events, and participated throughout the past 11 months. Thankful for you all!

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